International Yoga Day (The 7th Edition)

International Yoga Day (The 7th Edition)

June 21 is marked as the annual International Day for Yoga to celebrate the ancient Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline. Celebrated annually since 2015 following its inception in the UN General Assembly, this year marks the 7th year that the day has been honoured by an estimated 300 million practitioners worldwide. 

Yoga translates (not directly, but the meaning is there) into "unity" in Sanskirt, and it is a form intended to unite the body and mind to bring harmony. The discipline involves body movements, holding postures, breath control and simple meditation to aid in health and relaxation.

There are scientific studies dedicated to this very popular discipline, but the general gist is: yoga is good for health like many other forms of exercise. But, it seems particularly promising for improving back-related pains and reducing inflammations within the body. 

Most importantly, many practitioners feel more grounded after every practice, and it's usually a good hour away from the stresses of the day. What we love most about yoga is that you belong to yourself when you're on the mat. It's a very personal practice, and if it makes you feel good sweating it out at the end of the day, then that's a great workout in our books. 

With all that said, it's no wonder to see full classes in popular studios such as Yoga Movement, Yoga Inc, Hom Yoga, Pure Yoga, Yoga Lab and more in Singapore. We haven't even talked about the numerous cosy studios dotting our tiny island!

And if you want to look good doing yoga on top of feeling good, well, our selection of leggings and sports bras are great complements! 

Happy International Yoga Day! 




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