Be You Collection - Interlock Cotton Care Guide

Be You Collection - Interlock Cotton Care Guide

We were constantly looking for everyday top options that look good, while not sacrificing comfort. We're so glad we found it (available in 4 styles!), and now you can own one too!

Be You Collection

The interlock cotton tops from our Be You Collection are super duper comfy! If you love them like we do, we're sure you will want them to last longer. Due to the construction of the fabric, interlocked cotton is extremely soft and absorbent.

We love it when things last too, so here's a care guide to make sure they do.

Interlock Cotton Care Guide

  • Hand wash them. This is much gentler than machine washing, and will help preserve fibers and protect detail-work on your tee.
  • Wash in cold water. Hot water may damage the structure of the fabric, and might cause them to crease or curl.
  • Do not tumble dry. Our interlocked cotton tops are happy hanging around.
  • Allow to dry flat, naturally. Au natural, the way to go!
  • Use a neutral detergent. 
  • Iron on low heat.
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