4 inclusive local brands we love and admire

4 inclusive local brands we love and admire

Brands don’t live in vacuums. As consumers ourselves, we recognise our power to put our money where our values are. Here are local brands we love because of their hearts in their products.

Will & Well

Will & Well is an inclusive fashion label founded to improve the lives of the marginalised. Founder Elisa Lim is passionate about updating the elements of modern clothing like buttons and back zippers to make it more convenient for people with disabilities. A graduate of Lasalle College of the Arts, she aims to apply design thinking and technology to create apparels that impact lives by providing comfort, dignity and independence in daily dressing processes.


Haikini is a swimwear brand with people and environment at the heart of its product. Each of their swimwear sets is hand-made in Bali, with purchases paying fair wages to the Bali locals. Instead of using unnecessary plastic packaging, they use leftover fabric from their production to create cute little pouches to contain the swimwear. Owner Beckie is also committed to improving the products along the way, making tweaks to original designs, and even offers customised sizes for larger ladies. 

Beyond The Vines

Beyond The Vines is a design studio based in Singapore by a husband-wife tag team. Both have always believed that good design should be accessible to all, and it shows in their products, which are well designed and priced affordably. They have committed to working with creatives and designers to create a diverse range of products that are available to a wide audience. 

IMALA (Duh!)

We’re new to the activewear/gymwear scene in Singapore but d*mn if we don’t take a leaf out of these awesome brands’ books! Behind the scene, we work towards inclusive sizings, conservation-focus packaging and positive (but truthful) messaging. In due time, we hope to inspire as much as these brands do!

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